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From The President...

The Nautical Star is steeped in nautical history and lore. It is found on sailors in tattoo form, on boom ends and tops of sampson posts and bollards. It is the nautical symbol of protection, guidance, affection and love."A star to steer her by" is one of the more famous phrases attached to the "star". The military has found many uses for stars in uniforms, awards and commendations.

pattern A few years ago I found an antique pattern of a traditional 5-point star. I was struck by its simple elegance and the way it captured and reflected light. In a word it was "striking".

Door Star


Last year, after a stellar year in school, I thought about how to reward my sons for their success, so we dusted off the old patterns and cast some stars in our foundry. When polished and chrome plated they hit the mark. We mounted them on our boy's bedroom doors so that at the beginning and end of each day they are reminded of both their efforts and their parent's affections.


tablestarsLater in the year, a childhood friend and his wife made a gesture to our family that reminded me of what "stars" they have been in my life. Their gesture was a 5-star event in our family history. I thought about our star patterns yet again, only this time I focused on giving others a chance to give a "star" to someone who has been a star in their life.

Edson decided to design and tool 3 sizes of polished stainless steel stars to offer our customers. They are elegantly faceted 5-point stars designed to match the antique nautical star I uncovered years ago.

If you have a "star" in your life, give him or her one of our Nautical Stars and you will definitely make an impression. If you have a Five Star establishment, buy 5 and tell the world you're a 5-star business.

Many would think that "stars" are a bit outside of Edson's core product line, however in catalogs of years past Edson has made many different products for both marine and non-marine, as well as decorative.

So now you know the story of Edson's Stars.



Will Keene
President, Edson


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